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Just got my THIRD (3rd) call this WEEK asking for emergency care because someones sitter canceled last minute - they were as follows...

Monday - lady called and said when she called her daughters friend asking about the time she would be arriving Wednesday she said she had "forgotten" and "had made other plans". This lady's vacation is now not happening :-(

Thursday (yesterday as of this writing) -- future clients sons friend was going to do sit for them (watch her dogs and bird), but now he can't - and they were leaving this morning (Friday 10/18/19). I do not know if they were able to find coverage.

Friday (10/18/19) - Gentleman needed boarding immediately because his dog did not have the correct shots and kennel would not accept him.

I am writing this blog because I get these calls at least once a week - and almost always it was a neighbor, friend or family member who could no longer provide the care they agreed to provide.

I HIGHLY recommend using a paid sitter - licensed, bonded, insured. One with recommendations, reviews, a history (SOLID HISTORY) of pet care before confirming your trip.


We (as cliche as it sounds) provide more than pet care, we provide peace of mind for our furry clients family while they travel.

As pet sitters we LOVE our jobs, we also understand that this is our business.

cute puppy
Auntie Jo's won't leave you hanging!

Which means we are LITERALLY in the business of:

1) keeping your furry, fluffy, hooved, feather or scaled family member safe, comfy, cozy and happy in their homes, barns, etc.

2) we are insured, licensed and bonded

3) we have a backup plan if I get hit by a bus, Kaleb falls off a stage, a blizzard hits 12 seconds after you roll out of town, you get the idea.

4) we will communicate with you at each and every visit (we hope you have a good data plan) to let you know everyone is ok and we send TONS and TONS OF PICS!

5) we do a meet and greet WAY before your travel dates, at this time we do paper work, get keys and code, all that jazz

6) when you book us for those dates YOU and YOUR gang are the priority for those dates. You have put your confidence is us to be there each and every time and we take that commitment incredibly seriously.

7) when you become one of our clients should you need emergency care BEFORE or after any set of booked dates we will do our very, very best to help you out and squeeze you in - we do this a lot for our clients

8) should you get snowed in and arrive late we will provide extra care till you get home...no extra charge or fees, we understand things...um...if you're adding a whole unplanned week...well we will have to chat lollzzz

9) and probably most importantly, we love your guys like our own.


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