Retractable leashes? Yeah, we don't use them.

Jo and Nada
Me and Nada

So, this is my take on retractable leashes, tugging and the Easy Walk Harness.

My dog, Nada, broke free from a retractable leash while being walked by a family member several years ago. It was terrifying to hear she had gotten loose and was on the run. The WORST part of this little adventure was that I specifically asked that she NOT be walked on one of those leashes, as I had heard other stories of them breaking. To make matters worse, Nada is a tugger and will close hang herself if her nemesis - the local squirrel - catches her eye!!

After much trial and error we can confidently and HIGHLY HIGHLY HIIIGGGHHLLLLYYY recommend the Easy Walk Harness for walking with a standard 6ft to 8ft lead.

So, if we care for your pet and they are a tugger we will recommend this for your pets health and our nerves lol! If you have a retractable leash, we will use one of our leashes if you do not have a non retractable available.

We have no affiliation with Easy Walk or retractable or non retractable leashes.

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