Retractable leashes? Yeah, we don't use them.

Me and Nada

So, this is my take on retractable leashes, tugging and the Easy Walk Harness.

My dog, Nada, broke free from a retractable leash while being walked by a family member several years ago. It was terrifying to hear she had gotten loose and was on the run. The WORST part of this little adventure was that I specifically asked that she NOT be walked on one of those leashes, as I had heard other stories of them breaking. To make matters worse, Nada is a tugger and will close hang herself if her nemesis - the local squirrel - catches her eye!!

After much trial and error we can confidently and HIGHLY HIGHLY HIIIGGGHHLLLLYYY recommend the Easy Walk Harness for walking with a standard 6ft to 8ft lead.

So, if we care for your pet and they are a tugger we will recommend this for your pets health and our nerves lol! If you have a retractable leash, we will use one of our leashes if you do not have a non retractable available.

We have no affiliation with Easy Walk or retractable or non retractable leashes.

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