July More Pets Missing Again This Year


I was going to create a post about helping to keep horses safe during the July fireworks times, but realized that the VAST majority of horse owners are already in the groove for keeping their outdoor gang safe during every other month of the year.

Instead, I monitored the many, many, MANY reports of missing dogs scared by fireworks.

I saw pics of dogs that ran through glass doors, witnessed the aftermath (online) of a dog hit by a car that had been so scared she bolted through a window and of course saw the numerous reports of dogs missing and lost.

I am not going to post links to the sadness - instead I ask everyone reading this to inquire about the silent fireworks that have been used in other countries. Take a moment and ask your local municipalities or whomever is putting on your local display to consider using silent fireworks.

Fireworks stress out animals, children and some veterans. You can help simply by asking questions and promoting the use of quieter fireworks for celebrations happening near you.

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