July is Pet Loss Prevention - We Chat Cats!


Help keep your cat safe and in their homes.

1) HAVE THEM SPAYED OR NEUTERED. This will be your number one task to help your indoor cat remain happy and healthy.

2) Always be on the alert for the "flight risk" gang. The kitties that want to make a run for it whenever the door might be getting ready to be opened.

3) Micro-chip your cat as soon as possible and be sure to stay current with the chip registrants requirements - we recommend Home Again.

4) Whenever taking your cat to the vet (or anywhere) make sure you have a securely fastened cat carrier. NEVER just assume you can carry your kitty to the vehicle and all will be okie dokie smokie. The carrier will also help protect your kitty in the event there are some vet clients that aren't so kitty friendly in the waiting area.

5) Have your phone number and your pets name on their collar and preferably a tag with the same information, and always have a leash and harness available. We recommend one at home and one in the car.

Tomorrow....we talk outdoor cats....

Sleeping cat
Snoozing kitty

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