July is Pet Loss Prevention Month - Outdoor Kitties

Keeping your outdoor cat safe during any time of the year is a labor of love, but in July with tons of fireworks going off, it becomes even more important to keep Kitty safe!

Please consider bringing your kitty in during July (we know feral cats are a whole 'nother ball of wax).

DISCLAIMER - Obviously indoor cats are going to be safer, in general, than outside cats. We HIGHLY recommend kitties to be inside whenever possible. We also understand some cats just aren't cut out for the inside a home grind or some are barn cats since birth and are indoor / outdoor kitties.

Molly, the cat
Molly Mittens

1) A safety clasp collar with your phone number and pets name embroidered on it and pet tags with the same information will go along way to keeping Kitty safe. Consider micro-chipping your kitty, we recommend Home Again.

2) Consider an enclosed catio - some can be put up within a few hours and will help your cat feel like he's outside and living the dream! Some folks do this for you - check out Catio Spaces. Catio Spaces is a great resource for anyone looking into a catio.

3) Have ALL of your cats vet recommended shots current and boosted as needed. ESPECIALLY RABIES!

4) Having your outdoor cat spayed or neutered is extremely helpful in limiting his or her desired to prowl around and well, look for a good time! It is also the responsible thing to do!

5) Make sure your residence is loose cat / barn cat friendly. Are you on a property set back fairly far from the road? 3 acres, and larger, should lend itself to being cat friendly (provided the adjoining roads are rural).

6) Outdoor cat huts and barns are great for the kitties that prefer outdoor living.

7) Always have water and food for your kitty, never assume they are able to hunt their food.

8) Consider a GPS tracker for their tag, so you can remotely monitor their location.


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