July is Pet Loss Prevention Month

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July is Pet Loss Prevention Month - with the single biggest increase in lost pets occurring during the July 4th holiday weekend. See this blog post for tips on having a pet safe July 4th holiday.

What can you do help prevent the loss of your pet? SO, glad you asked!!


1) We HIGHLY recommend standard 6 ft non-retractable leashes when walking your dog.

2) Have YOUR phone number and pet's name on their collar and / or (preferably BOTH) on their tags.

3) Have your pet micro-chipped and stay current on any fees or registration requirements designated by the registry company - we recommend Home Again. We also HIGHLY recommend that if your pet is micro-chipped, that you review how accessible their registered information is should your pet become lost. Call or write to your company to ask how their process works if your pet is lost and their chip is being scanned.

The AAHA has a great tool on their website and lists all the currently participating chip registry companies. You will want to check this out before you need it (hopefully you never will).

4) Have your information updated with your chip company whenever you move, change phone numbers, etc.

5) Never, never, NEVER free walk your dog - did we mention... NEVER? Should your dog be approached by a strange dog (aggressive or not) you have ZERO control on your dog if you do not have them on a leash.

While your pet may be the most calm, chill, laid back dog....EVER...no one can predict what could trigger him or her to run away, chase a squirrel, try to meet the neighbor, etc. The safest thing you can do for your pet is walk them on a secure, non-retractable leash.

6) Don't assume your pet "knows the area" and let them run free. Invest in standard chain link or privacy type fencing to help keep your pet safe and not a part of the missing pets community.

If this is not an option, you can consider underground (invisible) fencing if you would like your dog to "run free" however remember that invisible fencing should (but not always) keep your pet in their area of the yard but it will NOT keep other dogs or predators out.

Tomorrow we explore tips and tricks to keep your cats safe...see you then!!

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