Have a Pet Safe July 4th

Many people enjoy hanging out with friends, family, pets, enjoying food and drinks and partaking in the main activity - FIREWORKS. While this may sound like a good time for all involved, the quadrupeds aka the furry kiddos, may not be digging it so much.

July 4 holiday weekend is the number one time of year that pets go missing. The increase in reports of missing pets during this relatively small time period jumps 30%.

*Large outdoor animals also suffer (think horses, donkeys, goats, sheep) from the loud noise caused by fireworks. Their issues are usually injury related and caused by running through fences, into each other in fields, through improperly secured gates and on and on. Livestock owners can help maintain calm (if they are near an area where fireworks can be seen and heard) by simply being present as many owners have already prepped for sheltering in place and fireworks safety falls into this category.

If you are reading this blog you are probably a pet owner and love your gang. We have a few tips to help keep your crew safe during this coming holiday.

1) KEEP THEM AT HOME - while it may be fun to have your gang with you at the local fireworks show dogs, cats, horses, etc do not have the ability to determine that the sounds and sights they are experiencing are not dangerous and many will attempt to flee the perceived danger.

2) DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR - even at night; even with the windows cracked the temperatures in a locked / closed car can exceed 140 degrees within a few minutes. THINK - your dogs body temperature + lack of air circulation + outside heat = a recipe for disaster.


3) ALCOHOL ISN'T COOL FOR DOGS (yes, even if they are 21 in doggie years lol). Seriously, the contents of beer, hops and ethanol are DEADLY to dogs. They can quickly become intoxicated, fall into a coma and experience respiratory failure within moments of consuming alcohol. That little bit of alcohol could be a death sentence for Fido - don't serve the fur gang.



4) NO PARTAKING OF THE HUMAN SNACKS - while they may beg for snacks, try to limit what your dogs eat. Some human food is ok, but many foods you and I eat daily are deadly to dogs. See the two charts below.

5) COLLAR AND TAGS AND *CHIPS - In the event you must take your pets with you, be sure that their collar has their name and phone number on the collar itself or tags that are securely in place.

July 5 is the busiest day of the year at the pet shelters and the dog warden (yep, they still exist) will be running around trying to get pets back to their owners. If your pup is one of the unlucky pets to get lost / runaway his or her collar can be the difference between a quick return home and a lengthy wait to be reunited with Fluffy.

*Chips are a great tool for identifying pets and locating owners (if the owners info is update to date with the chip company) in a vet office / shelter / pound setting. In the case that I find your dog, the first thing I am going to do (as a non chip reader owner) is look for a tag or a phone number on an embroidered dog collar to call you. If info is easily accessible Pumpkin can be home that much quicker!

Excellent article can be found here with tips to help your pet during this stressful time.


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