Dog Visits - What's the scoop? HA!

Scottie dog looking super happy!
One happy Scottie dog!!!

Dog or puppy visits combine a number of activities for our furry clients.

Usually, we arrive and the first thing that happens is the -

THE WALK! Hands down the #2 most spectacular event for most pups during their visit with Auntie Jo's.

Can you guess what #1 most spectacular event during their in home visits is?!

YEP...the post "I did a spectacular poopie out there for you and now it is treat time" #1 one thing is "THE TREAT"!!

During visits our clients get walk time, play time in the yard, training exercise or any activities the dog kids prefer or any combination of these activities (Mom and Dad work out these details during the meet and greet with Auntie Jo).

After activity time we come inside for treat time (as long as it's allowed) and then we have an after visit chill time. We rinse and fill water bowls and administer meds if needed or anything other care our canine clients need during their visit.

After the visit we send pics we have taken during the visit to Mom and Dad! We say bye to the pups and let them know we will see them next time, yes, really :-)

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