Corgi Butt
Corgi Butt

Laying in the shade
Laying in the shade

Tahoe getting love
Tahoe getting love

Corgi Butt
Corgi Butt


Why Hire Auntie Jo's For Your Pets?

  • They stay safe in their home

  • Full one on one attention for the entire visit

  • Are able to keep their same routine

  • One on one attention

  • Same food and diet

  • Same surroundings with familiar sights and sounds

  • Avoids motion sickness from car travel

  • No additional vaccines needed for boarding outside their home


Holiday care info:

  • Auntie Jo's receives more requests for holiday care than we can handle and we will, unfortunately have to turn some families away...so because of that....


We DO have a few holiday visit rules:

  • Due to high demand ALL holiday visits are prepaid in full and have specific cancellation rules:

  • Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.  Once dates have been booked we must turn away other clients in order to maintain our high level of care.    

  • When you book Auntie Jo's we lock in your dates of care and are unable to accept other potential clients for those dates. ​

  • HOWEVER, we do understand that changes can occur and we do issue a credit for future care, if desired. 

  • Please call or write for more details.